A social event for people with disabilities and their family and friends

The place to be where people don’t stare


To offer a unique entertainment opportunity for People with Disabilities that often would be difficult to experience.


Club Cool in it’s present format presents 3 bands sponsored by SA Live Music Club, and The GOV (Governor Hindmarsh Hotel) started slowly in 2013 but by 2015 was attracting  250 audience  which is now steady at 300 plus a month, the third Sunday in the month from February to November.  

It is completely voluntary event, with  The Gov sponsoring its main events room, The Venue, lighting, with a sound and mixing team, plus great Pub priced lunches and an open bar or if you prefer a coffee.


SA Live Music now sponsors 3 different Bands each month, for the gig, (which originally started at 11.30 with two bands until 2.00) is now on stage ready to go at 10.30.am until 2.00 pm. 

The Club Cool Team, who are part of the Front Desk Crew, (that’s after setting up the seating tables etc., with help from our friends above), are involved in Door Admission, Door Prizes, as well as information and monitoring patrons, plus taking Club Cool photos for Facebook and the Web.

The Team makes Club Cool work so it is “Free”, however, we do ask for a  donation of $2 (Gold Coin) to pay for  Door Prizes, which are 8 a month (4xMales & 4x Females),  any surplus is then used for a bumper end of year  blast in November Christmas Party, offering all the audience a small gift at the end of the Show. 

It’s a really great event, lots of atmosphere, dancing and eating, you can, weather permitting, sit outside in the Beer Garden and have some quiet time if you may prefer to get away, and let the rock music to drift out to you while you eat the Gov’s fantastic Wedges and have a cold drink.

You can see most of the teams under “Volunteer” in the menu.  

The Team


Club Cool attracts a wide range of people with disabilities, no specific group dominates the audience, same with age group, mainly from 15  youngsters to old Rockers in their 50’s to 60’s.

The fantastic thing is none of this is really noticeable once you get into The Gov’s Venue, everybody just melds into the gig, occasionally members of the audience will get invited to join the a band for a song or two, this can be quite fun and we can’t guarantee the harmonies!

But in all, people come in small groups with the odd lander, often with Carers or family to support them. 

VENUE – The Gov

As mentioned, we have the large event/concert room that has a capacity to cater for 800 people, but given the wheelchair and mobility issues we are about full at 350 plus.

There are 2 disability toilets which you can directed too is needs be, unlike ordinary gigs we have tables and chairs to support our audience.

Car parking is available a few yards from The Gov, either street or paid parking. There is a side street parking to the west of The Gov, or in the new Bowden Plant 4 with eateries, shops, etc. Paid parking is available nearby with 3 main sites, to the CBD direction is 1 Port Road, behind DK Fabrics 105 Port Road, or Adelaide Entertainment Centre across the road from The Gov.

Disability Taxi’s and Bus load/unload outside The Gov, and to date we haven’t had any issues with this.

The music is loud, often old 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music; there are coloured lights on stage, which by the way is not accessible. Carers/Family support mobility etc. audiences to find suitable seating, order meals and drinks. Meals  are served at the table by The Gov’s great staff team, who always seem to be smiling. 

There is always a queue to order, this is mainly due to Carers having to order maybe 4 or 5 different meals for their clients and often need individual reciepts, even with 2 or 3 staff full out , we ask for your patience.

We are continuously trying to find ways to cut down on the wait time.

When you arrive, you can give a $2 donation and receive a raffle ticket to have a chance to win a WONDERFUL prize, which is drawn after the second band has finished playing. 

You may notice people coming and going, this is often due to shift changes for Carers, or other events.

Club Cool is a living event with lots of energy. 


The Club supports its members to develop their musicianship, helps them meet and form bands with like-minded people, and arranges a variety of gigs and events for them where they can perform in public venues.

Established in 2004, the SA Live Music Club is a registered, not-for-profit, incorporated Association for recreational musicians and singers.

Several SA Live Music Club bands have gone on to perform professionally.

With the support of Club Cool, and The Gov, the SA Live Music Club provides bands to play, for free, to Club Cool. Each member volunteers their time and effort to play for Club Cool. The bands play lively music from popular artists to make for a dance floor packed to the rafters.

The enthusiasm shown by those with disabilities doesn’t hold them back in any way from having a great time.

Club Cool is for you